BBC英语小测验:用动词 “wish” 表 “愿望”

BBC英语小测验:用动词 “wish” 表 “愿望”
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  在表达希望一件事情发生时,应使用的结构是:“wish + 主语 + would”;在表达不愿一件事情发生时,应使用的结构是:“wish + 主语 + wouldn't”。“Wish + 一般过去时” 结构用来表达现在或未来将要发生的事情与自己的愿望不符;“Wish + 过去完成时” 结构用来表达对过去发生或没发生过的事情感到事与愿违或后悔。考一考大发棋牌app你 会不会用 “wish” 来表示 “愿望”,做八道测验题。

  1. I wish trains _______ on time.

  a) would come

  b) were coming

  c) could come

  d) would have come

  2. I wish I _______ that shirt. It shrank in the wash.

  a) wouldn’t buy

  b) wouldn’t have bought

  c) hadn’t have bought

  d) hadn’t bought

  3. I wish I _______ a lot taller.

  a) was being

  b) was

  c) will have been

  d) would be

  4. My apartment is so small. I wish it _______ more space.

  a) would have

  b) will have

  c) had

  d) was

  5. I’d love to be able to speak Japanese. I wish I _______ it when I was young.

  a) had learned

  b) would have been

  c) was learning

  d) had been learning

  6. I wish you _______ leave your dishes in the sink. You should wash them.

  a) didn’t

  b) couldn’t

  c) wouldn’t

  d) hadn’t

  7. The concert sounds like it was amazing! I wish I _______ there.

  a) could be

  b) would have been

  c) will have been

  d) had been

  8. I wish you _______ more carefully to what I tell you.

  a) would listen

  b) did listen

  c) will be listening

  d) will listen


  1) a, 2) d, 3) b, 4) c, 5) a, 6) c, 7) d, 8) a.










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